Utility Scale Battery Storage

Utility scale battery storage, also known as large-scale battery storage or grid-scale battery storage, is an integrated energy storage system (ESS) designed specifically for power utilities, aimed at providing high capacity energy storage and reliable regulation capabilities for the power system to achieve greater distribution and utilization of renewable energy. For network operators, Aulanbel’s battery energy storage solutions provide grid services such as frequency response, renewable energy integration, capacity reserve and ramp rate control.

Utility scale battery storage stores electricity during low power demand periods and releases electricity during peak power demand periods, thereby smoothing the power load curve and ensuring the stability of energy supply.

Utility scale battery storage can realize energy time displacement, that is, separating the generation time and usage time of energy. By storing excess renewable energy capacity and releasing it when needed, energy storage systems can provide a continuous supply of electricity that can meet demand even when renewable energy generation equipment is unable to produce enough energy.

Utility scale battery storage usually works closely with power markets or energy operators to participate in power trading activities. The energy storage system can buy and sell energy according to market demand to maximize profits and optimize energy supply. Energy storage systems can also participate in existing electricity market mechanisms, such as power purchase agreements (PPA) or capacity markets, to earn revenue by selling stored energy or providing reserve services.

In addition, utility scale battery storage can also be integrated and managed through a virtual power plant (VPP). The VPP integrates multiple distributed energy storage systems (DESS), unifies dispatching and operations, and achieves overall response to the power system and energy supply regulation.

By implementing utility scale battery storage solutions, power systems can achieve greater reliability, flexibility and sustainability. Contact us today to explore the unlimited potential of utility scale battery storage and let us help your utility achieve sustainability and future energy transition.

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