Headquartered in Huoqiu County, Aulanbel is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D and system construction of electrochemical energy storage full industrial chain products, the R&D, production, sales, construction and operationof of electric vehicle (EV) stations, the development and construction of energy storage power stations,  the construction of battery-swap (BS) electric heavy-duty truck stations, R&D and sales of energy storage core control system (BMS) and comprehensive energy big data business. We have two wholly-owned subsidiaries and two joint venture holding companies.


After years of exploration and pursuit, Aulanbel has formed a "one center, three bases" R&D and production structure, and has strong comprehensive strength in R&D of storage and charging technology and system engineering construction. We have a professional core technology R&D team, have signed long-term industry-university-research agreements with colleges and universities, and have high-tech and solid talent reserves. We have applied for and authorized 4 national invention patents, 27 utility model patents, and obtained more than 10 related qualifications and awards. Many achievements are in the leading position in the country and in the industry.



Aulanbel is based on the two core businesses of "storage and charging technology R&D" and "storage and charging system engineering construction". Aulanbel possesses the domestic leading battery pack balance topology and control, as well as integrated application technology for energy storage systems. We have basically formed a professional integrated service of power production, power storage and power consumption, achieving the integration of the 4 networks of "power grid, vehicle network, pile network and internet", and promoting the strategic industrial pattern of "integration of storage and charging". Aulanbel has domestic first-class core technology in the field of storage and charging and general contracting qualifications for power construction. We are a leader in domestic system suppliers in the fields of energy storage, EV charging station, and BS electric heavy-duty trucks.


Aulanbel comprehensively builds national-level energy storage and local power supply demonstration projects to assist our country in optimizing its industrial layout. We successively built the first batch of national-level energy storage micro-grid demonstration projects in Lu'an and Huaibei, invested in the construction of large-scale shared energy storage power stations in Anhui Lu'an, Gansu Jinchang, Shandong Zoucheng and other places, and has also put into operation the first domestic mining smart security power supply project in Shandong Henghe Coal Mine. The completion of these projects has established Aulanbel's leading position in the industry.


Aulanbel adheres to the enterprise spirit of "surpassing ourselves and pursuing excellence", based on the enterprise vision of "manufacturing intelligent energy and creating intelligent future". At a new historical starting point, we will seize the opportunity of high-quality economic development in China, steadily promote the globalization layout, and strive to achieve "China's new energy industry leader" through 3 ~ 5 years of rapid development.


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