EV Charging

When you plan to buy an electric vehicle (EV), charging speed will be at the forefront of your mind, as it will directly affect your daily travel plans. Currently, DC fast charging is the fastest way to charge EVs and plays an important role in public EV charging infrastructure. DC fast charging stations are an ideal choice for electric car drivers who need to quickly charge their cars during long journeys, and are also ideal for drivers who temporarily need to quickly charge their car batteries during daily travel.

Electricity in an EV's battery is stored as direct current (DC), while the grid provides alternating current (AC) power. Inside an EV, there is an on-board charger that converts AC to DC and then distributes the power to charge the vehicle's battery. DC fast charging can bypass the on-board charger and charge the battery directly, thus greatly shortening the charging time of EVs. This is because the conversion of power from AC to DC occurs in the DC charging station before being output to the vehicle. Therefore, DC fast charging can provide a faster charging experience for EVs than AC charging.

Aulanbel EV charging solutions can be used in a wide range of commercial, public and fleet charging sites. In the time it takes for you to eat a meal on the road, a fast charging station can quickly extend the range of your electric car.

Aulanbel EV charging solutions can not only solve the problem of fast charging for you, but also improve charging services, optimize energy costs and cope with power peaks through energy storage systems (ESS), maximizing the efficiency of the solar power supply system in charging stations, allowing you really enjoy the benefits of shaving peaks and filling valleys.


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