Features and Application of Household Energy Storage System

September 11,2023
Household energy storage system (HESS) refers to a device that can be installed indoors and outdoors and converts renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy into electrical energy for storage through photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation. It is usually composed of battery packs, BMS, etc., and is combined with inverters, photovoltaic panels, etc. to form a new hybrid system for energy acquisition, storage and use. When needed, electric energy is released for household use to improve household electricity self-sufficiency, reduce energy costs, and promote the use of renewable energy.

Features of HESS include:
1. Safe and reliable: HESS uses high-quality lithium-ion batteries and other components, which has high safety and reliability.
2. Strong scalability: HESS can be expanded or upgraded according to the actual electricity demand of the family to achieve flexible system adjustment.
3. Easy to operate: HESS has a friendly human-machine interface and intelligent control functions, which can realize remote monitoring and control, and is simple and convenient to operate.
4. Energy saving and environmental protection: HESS can reduce the household's dependence on traditional energy, reduce energy consumption, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, thus playing the role of energy saving and environmental protection.

The applications of HESS are mainly concentrated in the following fields:
1. Home PV power generation system: HESS can be used in conjunction with a home PV power generation system to store electricity generated by solar energy during the day and use it at night or in the dark.
2. Wind power generation system: HESS can be used in conjunction with the wind power generation system to store the electric energy obtained through wind turbine generation for home use.
3. Emergency backup power supply: HESS can be used as an emergency backup power supply for the home, providing necessary power support in case of power failure, grid failure or other emergency situations.

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