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July 25,2023


       Hanxing Energy Gansu 20MW/40MWh energy storage power station was successfully delivered

On May 18, 2023, the 100MW photovoltaic power generation 20MW/40MWh energy storage system equipment manufactured and supplied by Hanxing Energy in Jinchang City, Gansu Province was successfully delivered.

In order to adapt to the extreme weather environment in the northwest, the Hanxing technical team has made in-depth and targeted research and design plans. It is understood that the project adopts an integrated system design scheme, equipped with 280Ah energy storage battery, the use of outdoor 45-foot prefabricated cabin form, equipped with fire control, temperature control, monitoring, leakage protection, thermal management system, battery management system and other equipment, can effectively ensure that the battery is free from smoke, water vapor and dust pollution, improve the efficiency and reliability of system operation.


On the one hand, the successful completion of the project has a positive significance to adjust the energy supply structure of Jinchang, meet the electricity demand of Jinchang, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction; On the other hand, it improves the popularity of Hanxing Energy in the domestic industry, which is of great significance to the scale development of the company.


Anhui Hanxing Energy Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the product development and system construction of the entire electrochemical energy storage industry chain, the research and development and production and sales of charging piles, the construction and operation of charging stations, the construction of power change heavy truck stations, the research and development and sales of energy storage core control system (BMS) and the comprehensive energy big data business. The company has a strong comprehensive strength engaged in storage and charging technology research and development and system engineering construction. After years of exploration and pursuit, Hanxing Energy has formed a "One center, three bases" R & D production pattern. It has three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Anhui Hanxing Comprehensive Energy Co., Ltd., Jinchang Hanxing Energy Co., Ltd., Hanxing Energy (Mingguang) Co., Ltd. and two holding subsidiaries: Shandong Lufa Hanxing New Energy Co., Ltd., Gansu Waneng New Energy Co., Ltd..   Hanxing Energy has a professional core technology research and development team, and signed long-term industry-university-research agreements with universities and colleges, and has obtained strong support in technology and talent. Also, it has applied for and authorized 13 national invention patents, 35 utility model patents, and won more than 10 related qualifications and awards, and a number of achievements in the domestic and industry leading position.


Hanxing Energy adheres to the enterprise spirit of "Transcendence, pursuit of excellence", bases on the enterprise vision of "Manufacturing smart energy, creating smart future", in the energy "14th Five-Year Plan" period, down to earth, forge ahead, and gradually realize the upgrading of the whole energy industry chain, contributing to the development of China's energy industry and contributing to Hanxing's strength.


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